Dynamics CRM

What is CRM?

Tools for customer relationship management (Customer relationship management, CRM) help to reduce costs and increase profitability by automating business processes relating to customer satisfaction and their loyalty, as well as making them more efficient.

You will achieve a quick returnability of investments for CRM solutions in the area of marketing automation, customer services and selling.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM is available for deployment in on-premise as well as cloud solutions, tailored to your needs. There is an offer of a range of mobile applications and platforms that will allow you to work with your data on the go and a number of tools for data integration of social media directly into the CRM application.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution

Loyal customers are always more valuable. Learn quickly and accurately the needs of your customers and offer them services tailored to their needs.

Your colleagues are very busy. They need funds to be able to focus on what is important – on the customers. Read how Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps to ensure customer satisfaction more quickly and easily.

Today, when customers enter your door, they are practically decided about the purchase. You will ensure a targeted and effective allocation of your marketing budget, if you provide information about customers to your employees.

Customer care

Exceptional customer care begins within the company. To win the hearts of your customers, you must first win the hearts of your employees.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution is designed to ensure optimum working conditions for work for every employee. It is a system that changes inspiration into enthusiasm. And it allows everyone what you want the most – to shine for your customers.

Basic service components:

A good basis will enable you to satisfy your customers with care tailored to their needs and to gain their loyalty.

Contact centre:

Give your salesmen means to work effectively with customers, which will quickly lead them to a successful outcome and which will make a great impression on the customers.

Communication channels:

Approach your customers regardless of which communication channels they prefer, and ensure their satisfaction.

Marketing with CRM

Activate the marketing potential of your team with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and MarketingPilot solutions that automate the marketing processes and ensure the administration of multichannel campaigns.

Your business is based on relationships that you can create with your customers. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM and MarketingPilot products give you information that will help you to better understand your customers. With powerful features for analysing behaviour and marketing you can easily segment your customers and target your efforts better. You will understand what customers are interested in, so you can approach them with the right message at the right time.

The tools for customer relationship management in Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions can handle uncomfortable work tasks for you. It allows you to easily plan, create, manage and implement campaigns; it will ensure that your digital media are in the proper, updated status and for you to have the right people for each task. At the same time they will help you to improve the efficiency of the whole team with the help of powerful tools for workflow and cooperation.

CRM in social networks

Social networks are far from a fleeting trend and you need to count with them. But when it comes to their use in effective marketing or selling, you might ask: “Where do I begin?” The answer is simple: start where your business priorities are. You can use EnterpriseSocial solutions in many ways. They will always offer you quick and intelligent tools.

Functions for social networks will help you to:

Listen. If you listen what your customers talk about, you will reveal trends and identify those who influence others with their opinions.

Impress. You can make a meaningful conversation with all the participants.

Cooperate. Means for fast and easy communication with others will help you to achieve the desired results together.

Extend the range. Spread awareness about your offer.

Solve problems. You can make use of the knowledge of the community and interconnect the customers when solving problems.

Innovate. You are offered ideas and opportunities directly from the audience.

Analyse. You will get opinions of the customers in real time; you can observe what they talk about, find out the mood of the customers and measure the impacts of campaigns.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a modern company application, which uses the latest technology and changes the way of searching, acquiring and keeping customers.

Thanks to the built-in features for social networks and mobile access, proactive control of processes and top data analysis the Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help to increase the productivity of each employee in the organization.

It is a solution with low total costs of deployment and ownership, which significantly increases the commercial potential of the organizations.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution is built on a robust set of technologies and provides the possibilities of scaling on the corporate level and higher flexibility for organizations of all sizes.

It enables making use of the possibilities of Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server and architecture .NET Framework to the fullest.
You will vitalize the System of customer relationship management (CRM) thanks to a built-in connection with Microsoft Office, Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint, Windows Azure, Skype, Yammer and others.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online stems from our experience in the creating and running of many cloud services and data centres, which are among the largest in the world. It represents a trustworthy and secure cloud platform with a financially supported contract on the level of services, corresponding to global professional standards.
Our flagship cloud application is also available for local deployment in your data centre (on-premise). The Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution represents a platform for hosting of your tasks and applications in a private cloud. We also offer the opportunity to transition from one deployment model to another, which gives you the maximum flexibility.