Effective data sharing

We help to increase the productivity of employees, whether they work in the office, in the field or remotely. We offer the facilitation of mutual communication and an efficient and secure sharing of corporate documents and information.

Are you also in one of the following situations?

  • You have traders or other workers in the field and you need to share data with them.
  • You are at the customer´s workplace and you need to have all the information and documents, even when you are not online in the corporate network.
  • You work on the same document together with your colleagues and you need to have the current version on more than one device.
  • You have an iPad or other device from Apple, but you need to share files with colleagues who work with Microsoft products.
  • You have more business premises and you need to ensure effective sharing of files and data.
  • You want to share company data with external subjects but to would like to ensure only restricted access.
  • You need to formalize only the internal processes, such as the application for holidays, administration of projects, administration of purchase requisitions, electronic mail book or administration of terms of service.