Feel-good IT

We offer an intelligent maintenance of your IT without necessary investments. We will assume responsibility for the functioning of the company network and we will help you with releasing sufficient sources necessary for the development of your conduct of business.

Do the following situations also seem familiar to you?

  • You are buying newer and newer licences and hardware; however your network still is not 100 % reliable.
  • You need to get a complete survey about what sort of computer technology you have in the company and what kind of software is installed.
  • You want to be sure that you are only using legal software.
  • You want to have all the data backed up, and if not, to get a warning in time.
  • You do not have the additional capacity to solve whether your server room is sufficiently air-conditioned, whether the corporate servers are still under warranty and what their performance is.
  • You do not have the additional capacity to solve that something does not work, who will fix it and when, and how long it will take.


  • Instant deployment
  • Without additional investments in your IT
  • You only pay for real costs according to the number of users