IT free for non-profit organizations – Office 365

Microsoft is giving a gift to all non-profit organizations. The gift is the Office 365 cloud service for free! Let us deliver the gift of IT for non-profit organizations FOR FREE to you! Contact us Contact us

Does it seem to you that Office 365 is a gift-fail? So read a few sentences below and you will find out that you have a one and only and unique opportunity how to get IT for free.

The main benefits that Office 365 will provide you:

  • You do not need to buy servers anymore,
  • unlimited email services for free,
  • sharing of documents within as well as outside the organization,
  • sharing calendars and organization of meetings,
  • electronic mail on cell phones,
  • really safe IT,
  • you can make use of teleconferences with workers in the field,
  • you want to share information between colleagues more quickly,
  • simplifies processing of paperwork – gifts, holidays, contracts, list of requirements and more.

Many non-profit organizations think that the operation of Office 365 will be complicated and the implementation will be too expensive. Quite the contrary. Working with Office 365 is simple and its control is intuitive. Leave the worries with deployment and everything about Office 365 to us. Artex information systems helps non-profit organizations and provides a no-obligation consultation for free during which we will suggest a suitable solution for you according to your requirements. To make matters even better, we have another gift for you of 3 hours of work of our certified technician for free (applies only to non-profit organizations).

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