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P1 Plan

You will get access to corporate e-mail, a calendar and contacts by using your computer, phone and browser. Exchange Online allows you to increase the productivity and security of your organization while ensuring that you have everything sufficiently under control.

The e-mail solution runs on globally redundant Microsoft servers protected by anti-malware and anti-spam filters, where the 24/7 telephone support support is ensured daily at a professional IT department level.

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Office 365 Small Business for 10 users

Do you want your business to excel? Office 365 can help you make an excellent impression. You can easily create and update impressive websites and promote your business by using them. You can also include your own domain name into your e-mail address and thus increase awareness of your company’s name. By hosting online meetings with video conferencing in high definition and by screen sharing you will make a professional impression on your customers and partners.

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E3 plan for 25 users

Office 365 Plan E is intended for medium and large companies and organizations. If you need a plan for a small but fast-growing organization or company, then you can also choose any of the E plans. E plans can be integrated into the Active Directory; they provide storage and BlackBerry Enterprise Server services. E plans also provide a larger portfolio of services in the individual areas of the solution.

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